Do you have a bear story that you want to share? I would love to hear from you. Use words pictures and / or images, videos or whatever format you wish.

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  1. Hi John, what a beautiful website! We were in the lodge from the 20th of august until the 24th and i believe you had our photo taken for the ‘i shot a grizzly program’ the 22th or the 23th. We would love it if you can send us this picture so we can share it on facebook and try to get some people to sign your petition. We had an amazing time in the lodge, it was really hard to leave and get back to normal life. It was such an experience to see the bears in their natural environment and what beautiful animals they are. The last day we had a wonderful encounter with one bear from the bridge (with Jess) and it is a moment in our lives we will never forget. He or she put up a special performance, was playing in the water with stones and logs and it was such a beautiful moment just sitting there, the three of us silently, enjoying to see him/her having so much fun and being so comfortable. We don’t have photos because we felt the clicking of the camera would disturb the atmosphere,but we do have a little film we made with our iphone. We would like to send it to you (it is nothing of course compared to your footage but maybe it will be nice to see anyhow) and maybe you can forward it to Jess?
    We would love to hear from you, we would be glad if we can help with the petition and the stop the hunt program so please send us the picture and we will share it and try to get peoples attention.
    Keep up the good work, hope to hear from you
    gitta and arhur from the netherlands

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