You, me, bear is an exploration of our relationships with nature collecting stories from people who live and work with bears.


Our impact on wildlife is often negative and the pressure that human activity places on wildlife is only set to grow. Bears are often viewed with fear and face persecution the world over. If we are ever to find a way to live with these animals we need to understand those who manage to live alongside bears, without fear, on a daily basis. Not every bear story is about an attack; most meaningful stories are positive.

On you, me, bear you can watch and explore other peoples stories, share your own or read about the bears I work with.

My name is John Kitchin, you, me, bear forms part of the Ph.D work that I undertake with the University of Cumbria.

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7 thoughts on “me

  1. John,

    Your GoPro-eating bear story & video was in The Vancouver Sun paper today (, which led me to the link to your website. Watching these videos reminded me of a book I picked up a few years ago called Grizzly Seasons: Life with the Brown Bears of Kamchatka ( Well worth reading if you haven’t seen it.

    Down here is south coastal BC (I’m in Mission, just up the Fraser River from Vancouver) we only get black bears but they’re pretty impressive as well. A few years ago I had one come up on my front deck in the middle of the night, knock down a bird feeder full of black oil sunflower seed, then discovered the “mother lode” 20L pail of seed and vacuumed much of that down as well.

    • Thank you for sharing Stuart.

      I’m curious to know if the bear woke you and what you thought? Did it ever return to look for more food?

      I have read “Grizzly Heart” by the same authors their story was incredibly inspirational to me, especially seeing their determination to succeed in their goal of changing attitudes about bears.

      • Hi John,

        For some reason I neglected to log in and didn’t see your reply until just now (8 mos. later!) I don’t remember now if that bear actually woke me; perhaps the cats heard a disturbance and woke me up. I was still living in the old house (about 50′ from the new, current one which was under construction at the time) and went out onto the back deck and probably made a few general comments in its direction to the effect of “what on earth do you think you’re doing?” and eventually it ambled off across the field.

        The properties here are better fenced now so we get few bears actually around the houses but they are definitely around. I saw one just at dusk a week or so ago in the corner of my field by the road. It had come across the road from the 15 acre property on the other side and was probably headed for the creek behind my place as there is sort of an unofficial highway between the two. My neighbour’s dogs were barking at it, as they are won’t to do, so it retreated across the road whence it had come- probaly to take an aspirin (!) None of this is to suggest that we all get warm and cuddly with them but we more or less let them get on with their business as we get on with ours and rarely have problems unless they attack animals.

  2. Hi John! I came across your video of the grizzly taking the camera–and I absolutely love your site. I have been an avid supporter of Grizzlies ever since I saw the movie “The Bear” when I was little. Love your photos and vision, not to mention your sense of humor. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Nancy, It’s great to hear from like minded people out there who take the time to understand these animals. Thank you for your support.

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