My main study site is based in Knight Inlet on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. This spectacular place provides safe habitat, free from hunting for the bears and one of the Canada’s best bear viewing experiences for people. I am here by kind permission of Knight Inlet Lodge, why don’t you come and see for yourself!

2 thoughts on “bear

  1. John, my next vacation destination has been determined! Was thinking Alaska but love the videos and what you are doing there.

    My favorite Grizzly story is one where I never saw the bear. Hiking in Yellowstone backcountry with a friend and we started to see highly detailed imprints of bear tracks on the trail. At first the tracks were leading away from us, then they would disappear from the trail only to reappear later facing us. We would back track and find where the bear veered off the trail just before the trail diverted into the trees or around a blind corner. For two days we felt we were being followed, tracked or spied upon. All the while we were in much more danger by charging Bison and lighting strikes but the suspiciously disappearing grizzly tracks kept us up at night and constantly vigilant. On the way out we ran into a Ranger who asked if we saw any bears. We told him the story of the tracks but no sightings and he just smiled.

    Somehow, while I would have loved to have seen him/her/them, it made it a better experience to be in the backcountry and see all of the signs that you are not in charge of the situation without ever seeing the bruin whose hind track imprint in the sand measured about 12 inches long and 10 wide with claw tips several inches out from the toe pads.

    • What a superb story. Thanks for taking the time to share so eloquently. I hope to see you in BC one day, let me know when you are going.



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