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Dear You, Me, Bear followers and visitors,

Thank you for all of your support over the years, for your kind words and emails. Your stories, photos and encouragement at times have kept me going on the darkest day. I am forever grateful for the connections that this project has provided, between you, me and the bears!

This website and the associated work has formed part of my P.hD study into human -animal relationships. What started as a summer collecting hair samples for a genetic project has taken me on a journey that I never expected 5 years ago. It is time for me to share that journey. An important part of this whole process for me was to find ways to engage with a wide audience in an easily accessed way. My image collection has been the most important tool for this.

In the last 5 years I have amassed thousands of hours of footage of bears and thousand of photos. I have recorded stories from some wonderful people who work hard to achieve and promote positive relationships with bears. I have also documented 60 individual bears that have returned to my study site at least twice across 2 of the 5 years. Over half of these bears I have seen every year and know a great deal about their behaviour, relations and activity; all through the use of image collection and observation.

As I take this project on to the next stages it is time to share the story so far with as many people as I can. I have set up a Kickstarter to raise the funds to finalise the book and film portions of this work. Titled ‘Gary is a Grizzly Bear,’ the book is a portrait series of 50 bears and their stories, interwoven with essays on humans and bears in the past, present and future. The film will tell the story of the remarkable people that I have met on my journey sharing some amazing footage of bears that I have been lucky enough to capture along the way. This is a story that is incredibly relevant to 21st century life as we try to work out how to reduce our impact on the species and places we deem wild and free.

Please have a look at my Kickstarter campaign and if you feel like you can help in any way I will be forever grateful.

Beary best regards,



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